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SnapeZo™ Support

Our Guarantee

SnapeZo™ snap frames have less than a 0.4% defect rate and a 100% seller rating at which is why we guarantee your satisfaction or money back.

We prequalify all our distributors to ensure that if you’re not happy with the product you purchase through them, you can return it for a full refund.

Fast to Install

Check out our “how to” videos below which demonstrate how easy and fast it is to install, hang and change content with SnapeZo™ frames.

Install and Hang SnapeZo™ Snap Frames Change your posters in a snap!

Install SnapeZo™ Window Snap Frames The perfect solution for retail shops and theatres to showcase their posters inside and outside a window.

Install SnapeZo™ Elevator Frames The no-snag and elegant rounded corner SnapeZo™ snap frame for condo and corporate elevators

Install SnapeZo™ Vinyl Record Covers Store up to 3 record albums in one frame – beautiful to display and very easy to change.

Fix a SnapeZo™ Snap Frame to a Wall using Velcro The most versatile solution for mounting SnapeZo™ snap frames on walls, doors, elevators, windows and glass.

Fix a SnapeZo® Snap Frame to a Wall using Double-sided Tabs Attach, remove and re-attach SnapeZo™ snap frames to any flat surface using double sided tabs in a snap!

Fix a SnapeZo® Snap Frame to a Wall using Double-sided Tape Double-sided tape makes SnapeZo™ snap frames perfect for any flat surface where quick change ups are required.

Hang a SnapeZo™ Snap Frame Using String Prefer hanging a SnapeZo™ snap frame using string rather than mounting on a wall, no problem!

 Mount SnapeZo® Twin Profile Snap Frames with Double-sided Tape or Velcro Lighter Corex backing and spring-less snap system makes alternative installations easy.